EQFID BI Solutions is a company that delivers SAP solutions for Business Intelligence and Integration. The name EQFID stands for the following elements:



Solutions made by EQFID have a good relationship between costs and revenues.



EQFID says:’Quality is free!”. Doing things the first time right costs less and saves money at the end. EQFID doesn’t pick the easy low hanging fruit, but investigates and finds a sound solution for the long term.



EQFID delivers what the customer needs. Choosing the suitable standard option or if necessary, developing custom made solutions.



EQFID makes use of state-of-the-art technology. By investing in knowledge and experience EQFID continues to walk in front.



Support for the solution in a productive environment is very important. So EQFID  gives high priority to good documentation and easy maintenance.

To contact EQFID BI Solutions:

Patrick van Os

Hondsdraf 53

5236 RH 's-Hertogenbosch

The Netherlands

E-mail: info@eqfid.nl